RS 3104tm 4 Channel Data Recorder

RS 3104tm 4 Channel Computerized Data Acquisition System/Signal Conditioner, with our versatile, user friendly software, converts your MSDOS computer into a 1 to 4 channel intelligent strip chart recorder. 9V battery (>2000hr life), and AC line operated. Connects directly to the computer serial port. Interfaces mercury gages, thermistors, photocells, other sensors, and equipment with low frequency analog outputs, (e.g., oximeter, buckling force transducer), to: computers, polygraphs, and other recording equipment. Each channel can be calibrated in under one minute. Provides a graphic screen display of raw data and derived information. Generates a strip chart on a computer printer, analog strip chart recorder, or polygraph. Excellent for recording the Sleep Erection Cycle (SEC), respiration, temperature, pO2. The analog outputs are optional.              Price: $4,250